Latest, Not Greatest

Biggest news is I’m (temporarily, I hope) unemployed.  Life as a contractor. I had notice, and my current employer actually got me another offer before the last one ended, but a week ago that offer was rescinded for mumble mumble reasons.  I’ve since been able to get a second offer (that comes with a whopping 40% increase in compensation: also life as a contractor), but no timing on when I’ll start collecting a paycheck again.  You’d think I’d have plenty of time to be productive and get things done, wouldn’t you?

What this means, though, is any movie making efforts that cost money have ground to a halt.  My “Fuck Retirement” short, though incredibly cheap, is on hold. Lily Horror I decided to outright cancel, though I have some hopes I might be able to revive it for late Summer.  Assuming my new job actually starts producing paychecks, I’ve begun negotiating with my wife taking some of that 40% increase and dedicating it to movie making. Which should mean being able to pay cast and crew, which should make it easier to find cast and crew.

Some good news re Treasure Hunt.  I found two guys (who I believe happen to be in England), one to rework/optimize the sound, the other to colorize.  Both appear to be making progress, both are content with reel (e.g., credit – an entry on IMDB), so that should kick the flick up a notch (or twain).  Of course, that does imply additional delay to getting disks made. And I have no ETA for completion.

I’ve tried editing the footage I have for Domestique.  The problem is while the footage looks amazing in the preview (can even see the freckles on the face of the actress), when rendered it looks like crap.  Everything I’ve tried up to this point has failed to resolve the situation. The frustration has reached a tipping point and I’m taking a break while I ponder life, the universe and everything.

I had a bit of an epiphany recently.  I’ve been trying to make some progress with Blender with the idea of potentially making money doing animation.  I realized, though, that I already have a concept related to movie making with a realistic (though low, of course) chance of making money: Domestique.  Coupled with an invention I’ve been dilly dallying with for over a year now that could (if successful, of course) be worth billions to me personally, the idea of spending time on Blender (or, really, anything that isn’t Domo or this invention) is a really bad idea.  Sadly, little has changed from pre-epiphany, though I like to blame that on this FUBARed job situation (I’m usually really good at multitasking, so that’s really a cop-out excuse).

So, there you go.  Much has happened, little has been accomplished.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.