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Click here for a summary of all my film projects.
Below are links to some of the writing I've done or have planned:

  • Diary of a Contract Killer Series
  • The Dominatrix Wore Red
  • The Dominatrix Was Blue
  • Jane of the Jungle
  • Player at the Real Game
  • The Starfarer's Journal
  • Shenandoah Treasure Hunt
  • Domestique
  • Lily's Party
  • A Beautiful Dream
    Editors I've used and recommend.
    Screenplay Editors I've used and recommend.
    Screenplay Coverage readers I've used and recommend.
    Book reviews for things I beta read and got published.
    Book reviews for books I otherwise enjoyed and want to promote.
    Movie reviews, though the focus will often be on my thoughts about the movie as made.
  • I debated putting in some sort of form for a contact page, but have had problems with that in the past. I debated getting some sort of Captcha thing, but it became more trouble than it was worth. I decided, instead, I'd depend on old-style 'captcha' and tell you how to contact me.

    I get gmail, though I have other domains. I check the other domains once a week or so, but most is spam, so I quickly go through and delete most. If you want to reach me, use my nickname (mitakeet) and send it to where I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph. If that's too confusing for you to figure out, then I suspect you must be a bot...

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