Fixing Your Stars – Steven A. Simpson

I beta read for Steven back in early 2019.  Due to… a certain global pandemic… he’s only just now (self)publishing his novel Fixing Your Stars.  Time travel is dear to my heart, even though how it’s treated is often uneven (for examples of really good as well as really bad, see the Terminator franchise).  While I have a few very minor quibbles, on the whole I really like how Steven handled things.  I enjoyed the idea of someone getting a knock on the noggin and suddenly becoming a math savant.  And I’m totally sympathetic to wanting to go back in time to fix a loved partner’s chronic disease.

I found the notion of No Such Agency investigating/following him around very plausible, though always felt the agent knew more than she apparently did.  And, I’ll admit, I was so focused on nefarious time cops/bandits I was totally unprepared for a rather mundane (but no less dangerous) ordinary world interaction.  I also liked the ending, a change from the usual for these sorts of things.

While being a fan of time travel may help avoiding consternation with paradoxes, I don’t think you have to be such a fan to enjoy his story.  I recommend it to all readers.

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