I believe I’ve settled on my next film project (assuming RedDom doesn’t wind up attracting attention in the next year or two).  It’s about professional road bicycle racing, but focuses on the domestique, or the guys who support the team leader.   I believe this project can be managed without access to conventional Hollywood talent, investors or distribution as it’s a world-wide niche that is rather under served (meaning there are very few movies that address pro cycling in general, let alone focused on the hard working support staff).

My goal for this year is to get the screenplay written and critiqued (I have a detailed synopsis and plan to finish the first draft while on a family vacation later this year) and to film either a trailer or a short (I’ve been leaning toward the short, though obviously that makes writing more challenging) this summer. With the trailer/short, I hope to interest investors in ponying up for the budget (arm waving at this point, but around a million bucks), then target production for next summer (e.g., ’20).

The main issue right now is whether to pay for the trailer/short myself (meaning me and my boss/wife) or to attempt to get investors in the production company we’re planning to start this year and use that money.  I’m trying to convince (pressure) her into pulling more retirement money out (I’m guessing around $4K to film the trailer/short) as I think it’s rather absurd to give up 40% of all future potential earnings of the production company to save $4K, but she’s not convinced, so far.  I’m going to write a business plan one way or another, so hopefully that’ll cause her to back it.

Projects are like lottery tickets, though unlike Treasure Hunt, I go into this one expecting to make money, so have to think carefully about a lot of details.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.