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I’m sure the traffic at my blog is not enough to matter, but figured, in the interest of the one or two far flung people who might be following my journey, I’d post it here.  I put it on Reddit’s r/Filmmakers, though without even any snark after 24 hours.


I’m offering part ownership in the production company I’m starting this summer.

My preference is for “smaller” stories with a strong focus on plot and character, as opposed to large set pieces, car chases, or extended use of CGI.  I like telling stories with a crime or military aspect, but my interests are diverse and also include sports.

I prefer protagonists who aren’t squeaky clean and stories with smart/strong female characters who can still be feminine and remain friendly with other women.  I like my male characters to be smart and strong and who can be friends with the women they interact with.

My current projects include a murder mystery trilogy (the first has been submitted to contests, the second has a detailed treatment, and the third is in synopsis development). Additionally, I have completed a detailed synopsis for a sports project as well as a synopsis and a draft, respectively, for two military-oriented projects.

Production-wise, my strengths include strategic and general management, scheduling and resource allocation.  With an MBA and experience at several levels of management, I’m comfortable with public speaking, giving presentations, and have a deep understanding of what investors want.  I’ve written, produced, directed, and edited a feature. I excel at rapidly absorbing and utilizing new information from books, and I don’t let perfection be the enemy of the acceptable.

I’m seeking a partner with strengths in marketing, advertising, and who “knows” people in the movie business, yet who is also comfortable running the show during production, so I can focus my attention on directing.  My ideal partner would be able to share ownership of my existing and future projects and improve them.

PM me if a partnership is something you’d like to explore.


I’ll try a couple of other places, but it’s a long shot, for sure, to find the right person.  But gotta play to win…

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