A Little Bit of Progress…

So my artist has worked up disk labels as well as a cover for the DVD case.  Which is good.  But I’m still baffled by this authoring software.  I’ve roped my wife in, who has extraordinary common sense and at least 100x more patience than I have, so am cautiously optimistic that we’ll have something soon.

I did decide that Windows was the way to go. Since my wife had been complaining that her old Windows laptop wasn’t getting the job done any more, we went and got a new one.  On the one hand you could view that as an expense related to Treasure Hunt, since that’s what prompted the purchase, but on the other hand, she’s been wanting to get a new laptop for a while now (I think the old one is close to 4-5 years old).  I’m going to go with ‘not,’ in relation to the Treasure Hunt budget, because it makes me feel better.  Hollywood accounting.

Windows is as aggravating as I remember and it’s taken a while to adjust enough to use it for longer than a few minutes at a time without yelling curses.  I tried a couple of different software packages, but am either an incompetent moron (likely the case, at least when it comes to Windows; I stopped caring about it after XP) or the packages are defective in some way or another, as I couldn’t get a couple to install and another was so obscure I couldn’t figure out how to do even the most simple tasks.

‘Interestingly,’ as I researched authoring software, the rule seems to be really expensive, as I found one package that sold for $10,000 and another for $3,000.  It would seem that there is room for something simple to operate, but I have too many other things to do to take on that task, even if it might be profitable.  But that’s how low I sunk – before I thought to ask my wife to get involved – figuring it was going to be easier for me to learn all the protocols and do it myself.

I. Hate. Computers.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.