Finally out of Excuses

A week ago (yes, I am way behind the times; sorry about that) I found out that the young lady who did the behind-the-scenes cast interview has lost those recordings.  It’s frustrating, but such is life.

Now I have nothing keeping me from getting the DVD/Blurays made.  Except inertia, which has been dragging at me quite a bit lately.  I make this post, not simply because it’s been so long since I last did (over a month!  so much for at least once a week), but to try and act as incentive to get myself motivated to get these things done.

A few weeks ago I attended a festival to support a friend.  They were all shorts (Treasure Hunt is considered a feature, even though it’s only 62.5 minutes long), but what I got out of that experience was my movie wasn’t quite as bad as I made it out in my mind.  This is not to say that there aren’t deficiencies, which is certainly the case, but that the deficiencies don’t, at least in my mind, detract so much that it’s out of the competition.  At least in that small sampling.

On a related, but more depressing note, I contacted a sales agent through a Reddit post.  A sales agent is like a book agent, they do a lot of screening work for the publisher (in the case of books; distributor in the case of movies).  Thus they have a reputation to maintain.  This sales agent took a look at my trailer and promptly informed me that the acting and production qualities weren’t enough to be considered.  Perhaps I’m wearing narcissistic, ego driven rose-colored glasses, but I didn’t feel I measured up that poorly, particularly to the movies I’ve seen that did get distribution.

I discussed this with a friend.  He pointed out my glasses were, indeed, at least somewhat dirty and added editing might make a big enough difference that it could kick the project up a notch.  I can’t disagree, but keep coming back to the notion that the extra expense of an experienced editor won’t be recovered by extra sales, at least without some sort of distribution planned.  This is not to say that I won’t make the movie available for sale (once I get feedback from the festivals), just that I remain unconvinced the project as a whole is worth the extra investment.

Which is sad, because I think it came out a lot better than I had originally thought.  But I have other projects in the pipeline, ones that have a much more clear, and global, audience, and I should be putting my time and energy (and retirement money) there.  But I think about the idea of reediting it often.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.