Radio Silence

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately.  A combination of several things all going at once.  I haven’t felt well lately and have also been down.  Tied together or not, the result is the same.  However, I have made tiny progresses toward getting Treasure Hunt complete:

  • I wrapped up the outtakes, though it’s rather long (about 30 minutes – a friend said that the few people who’d really enjoy it would prefer longer over shorter).
  • I created an IMDB page for the movie.
  • I submitted the film to the Skyline Indie Film Fest, which is less than an hour North of where I shot portions in Woodstock, VA.  Hopefully that’ll mean they’ll seriously consider accepting it.
  • I converted the film into DCP format, though the viewer on my computer wasn’t very inspiring, as it constantly dropped frames (possibly because it’s really cheap).
  • I purchased a portable drive that’s supposed to be compatible with the commercial digital projectors, though it sits on my bed just staring at me.
  • I got some of the behind-the-scenes material from the young lady who filmed it, but seem to be missing the interviews she did.  Neither she nor her mother are great communicators, so I’ve been trying to get my wife to act as intermediary (mother and wife work together), yet have no progress yet to report.
  • I (re)discovered the chemistry tests I did with the lead actors, so will throw that on the Bluray as well.  It’s probably not terribly interesting, but there’s some 50 GB of space available on a Bluray and the movie itself is only around 7 GB.

Psychologically, I think part of why I stalled is I can’t complete the Bluray without the behind-the-scenes and without the Bluray I can’t wrap up the crowdfunding incentives.  So I do nothing.  Not a very flattering portrait, but there you go.

I was planning on doing a private screening of the movie toward the end of April, coupled with trying to get local newspapers and regional TV to interview me about the movie, but that’s stalled.  I rationalize it to myself that I’m probably better off knowing if I’m going to be in a festival (I really should submit to more, just got to make the energy) or not, plus, I have some paperwork I need to tidy up before I can sell anything (e.g., release forms for a few actors, the composer and musicians as well as the locations (and probably a few other things)) and I’d like to have that done before I do the screening so I can offer DVD/Blurays for sale.  Tortured logic of a procrastinator or valid arguments, I can’t decide in the mental state I’m in right now.

Movie related, but not to Treasure Hunt, I submitted a screenplay to a couple of contests and decided on a next project.  Finalizing the screenplay was also rather draining and while I have a detailed synopsis written for the next project I don’t intend on writing until we go on a family vacation this summer since I have other, non-movie projects I’ve been neglecting.

Sorry I’ve been a deadbeat.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.