Ready for Round Two

I’ve got the feedback I was looking for for my rough cut.  There was a lot of overlap, which will make some decisions easy.  There were differences, of course, which will take more time to sort out.  But I feel good that there’s a consensus that I’ve achieved my goal of having something watchable.  I’ve lost perspective now, so can’t judge any longer, and really appreciate the extra set of eyeballs.

I need to settle in and begin the second round of cutting.  Well, not a whole lot of cutting, more about tweaking.  This time audio is king.  I need to get rid of the camera audio for the whole thing, which means syncing up likely several thousand little cuts with their audio (sigh, just typing that makes me tired), then I need to put in background sound (e.g., crickets chirping during the night scenes, party sounds during the party scenes, etc.) which will greatly add to the verisimilitude.  Then music to set the mood.  Then, my next nemesis, color correction.  I may send out my next cut and wait for feedback before I start color correcting.  Fear of the unknown…

I was hoping I could jump back into editing after having taken the time off whilst waiting for the feedback, but am finding myself reluctant.  My intent was to have a second cut done before Christmas, now I think I’ll make it for the New Year.  I hope I can start the process before then and have some momentum developed.  Stupid brain.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.