Two Down, One To Go

Austin Film Festival screenplay contest finally announced those who made it into the next round.  Twern’t me – my Dominatrix script didn’t make the cut. Sad, but not shocking.  I’m still awaiting the Virginia Film Office’s decision; I think they do so in October.

I have, however, started thinking down another path for my dominatrix trilogy.  Rather than trying to make the first, then hope and pray it’ll sell enough tickets to justify the second (and that sells enough to justify a third), I’m considering reworking it as a miniseries that’ll be 6-7 hours long.  I really view the trilogy as a single story, though I put in what I felt were natural cut places where the story slowed down.  I feel strongly I can adapt the story to work as hour-long episodes.

And writers, it seems, can successfully sell a miniseries to a network (since my story appears to appeal more to women, I’d target networks like Lifetime or We).  The next question, for me, anyway, is can I direct it, since that’s where my interests lie.  Someone I trust suggested I might be able to direct a later episode, but could easily (well, nothing in this business is actually easy) get in as writer and producer.  It’s something I need to think about, as I may wind up giving up so much control that it robs me of any joy in the process.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.