Five Fathoms Beneath

I read Jen’s story twice, as she tweaked it to her exacting standards.  We’ve become friends during that process and I wish her the very best of luck with her novel.

I love this story. It’s crisp, well written and engaging while dealing with a very hard subject. It does so with sensitivity and grace and I hope helps people who don’t suffer from depression to understand that just because someone suffers doesn’t mean they aren’t people that can live rewarding and engaging lives.

The characters are all fully realized and individual (and memorable). I recommend this to anyone who wants to be engage irrespective of any relationship with depression. Though there are some tough patches, the story winds up very optimistic and I found it heartwarming.

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Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.

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