The Seeds of Winter: Artilect War, Book One – A.W. Cross

Andrea and I have become friendly, exchanging a number of emails on a variety of topics.  She has a diverse background that has some parallels with mine.  One of the reasons, I guess, she asked me to beta read for her.

Amazon link; my review:

I initially read this when it was in beta. I purchased a copy, to support a fellow author, but also to reread and give a review from the published version.

This is a complex novel, covering a lot of different events from many different viewpoints. It’s a challenge the author has overcome, with wonderful style, as the story is engaging and easy to read, despite the complexity. It’s not easy to predict how the story unfolds, but as it unfolds, all the elements make sense.

I eagerly look forward to reading the rest of the series!

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