Latte Girl – Katia Rose

I’ve read a number of romance novels since I started beta reading through Goodreads.  Not something I’d likely ever pick up off the shelf, but that’s part of what I like about beta reading: exposure to new things.

Katia’s website.

Amazon link. My review there:

I started reading Latte Girl as a beta reader for Katia, but didn’t have time to finish before she published. I bought a copy, not just to support a fellow author, but because I wanted to finish and wanted the final version. I’ve read several romances now, and found Katia’s approach fresh and appealing. And her sex scenes are steamy! I like how her happily ever after doesn’t make everything perfect, and shows that Hailey and Jordon are starting a long road, but with support for each other.

Thank you Katia for a lovely story! I look forward to reading your next work!

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