I’ve been writing my screenplays in the markup language Fountain because I find the tedium of learning to use software other people wrote to be painful and demoralizing.  What I like about Fountain is I can write in any text program, then run the formatter on it.

I do all my work on Linux, so needed something that would run there.  I wanted something to run from the command line, which is one of the reasons I switched to Linux in the first place.  After much research, I got the program for conversion off GitHub, then followed the instructions on StackExchange to install and use.  I’ve been very happy with the results.  Now I can write in Google docs without any need to do more than adhere to a few stylistic elements, then run the conversion script and have a nice (if a bit large, the ‘magic’ seems to be done with a plethora of spaces; it compresses nicely, though) PDF file beautifully formatted.

As a BTW, I found, once I felt I was done editing the text version, that if I reviewed the formated version I could pick up a lot more typos, etc., not to mention catching the places I didn’t to the markup correctly.

Author: mitusents

Biochemist, MBA, then programmer. Now novelist, screenplay writer and hopefully director. What a strange trip it's been.