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  • Diary of a Contract Killer Series
  • The Dominatrix Wore Red
  • The Dominatrix Was Blue
  • Jane of the Jungle
  • Player at the Real Game
  • The Starfarer's Journal
  • Shenandoah Treasure Hunt
  • Domestique
  • Lily's Party
  • A Beautiful Dream
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      Shenandoah Treasure Hunt

        Logline: Four college students, worried about paying for their last year, go on a hunt for buried Civil War gold.
        Genre: Romantic Comedy /Adventure
        Status: filmed and edited - 1:02 movie from 85 page script.
        Type: feature
        Production elements: Small ensemble cast, few minor cast or extras, few locations.
        Link for additional information.
        Script sample.
          Max and Harry, as well as Kayla and Velma, are struggling to find ways to pay for their last year in college. Lecture notes on the Civil War remind Harry and Velma of their own family's history.

          When the notes reaches the end of the war and discusses the legends of gold buried in the chaos, they latch on finding it as a way to pay for their education.

          Kayla and Velma keep finding their research being overlapped. They catch Max and Harry in their parallel investigation. After a rocky start, the pairs join forces.

          Now they have to account for over 150 years of history in order to find the one square foot patch of ground where the treasure may be buried.

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    Shenandoah Treasure Hunt

    Four Old Ladies and Their Guns

      Logline: Four women in a retirement home decide their life is so dull, prison is a worthy risk, so go on a crime spree.
      Crime Caper
      Status: script - 107 pages.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Small ensemble cast (6-8), lots of extras, many locations.
      Script sample.
        Mary, after being unceremoniously dropped off at a retirement home by her family, completes a foursome who recently lost a member. The Rainbow Table, as it's known, since Mary is white, Shari is black, Lupe is Hispanic and Chen Chinese, play the same card games day after day after day.

        In frustration, Mary insists their life is so utterly boring, it can't be any worse than jail. Though the other three initially dispute this, they quickly realize the truth in Mary's statement. They decide to go on a crime spree until they're all caught or until they've made so much money they can do anything they want.

        After robbing a bank goes off without a hitch, they set their sights on Vegas.

        Then circumstances arrive to test their earlier theory...


      Logline: What does it mean when you're the 100th best cyclist in the world? -or- Endless hours in the saddle were supposed to take him to the top of the world, instead he just wound up at the top of a mountain.
      Sports /Coming of Age
      Status: script - 85 pages.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Small main cast, but _lots_ of extras riding bikes. Could be international, or could be done in similar locations with select imagery from actual locations. Very high probability could be successfully self-distributed to an international audience.
      Link for additional information.
      Script sample.
        Months after graduation, Mike, college cyclist standout, meets with the only director sportif to contact him. Mike was merely the best in his peer group, he's only the one hundredth best cyclist in the world. However, the director is willing to give Mike a chance - as a domestique.

        Lizzy was glad she no longer had to share Mike with his bike. But ever the dutiful girlfriend, she swallows her disappointment to support her man. After all, that was the original plan - to be her man's manager - before the echoing lack of interest when he graduated.

        But when he can't make time for her that changes. After taking off work and flying - on her own dime - to the other side of the world, the last straw is when she sees him cozy with a beautiful groupie.

        Then, burned out after leading his team up a mountain, Mike is risking elimination.

        "They say it's always darkest before the dawn, but, dammit, it just keeps getting darker. My professional career is at a standstill, my best friend is in a hospital, my girlfriend... no, that doesn't capture the importance - my high school sweetheart has left me, and I'm riding backwards up a mountain.

        "Endless hours in the saddle were supposed to take me to the top of the world, instead I'm not even sure I'll wind up at the top of this mountain."

    Winds of Mortality

      Logline: A wife lives through the decline of her husband's dementia.
      Life Story
      Status: script - 100 pages.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Small core cast and small ancillary cast. The vast majority takes place in a single house.
      Script sample.
        Barbara and Frank have been in love for over forty years. No matter what life threw at them, they gracefully handled it, growing stronger every time.

        Then Frank is diagnosed with dementia.

        At first the changes are subtle. Senior moments, for the most part. Then they accelerate. Eventually Frank doesn't even recognize other family members.

        Frank remembers Barbara, though. Their love continues as they grapple with what to do at the end.

    The Dominatrix Wore Red

      Logline: The Dominatrix with a PhD, who may be a murderer, has erudite conversations with the investigating Detective, who may be falling for her.
      Murder Mystery /Detective
      Status: script - 122 pages. May adapt to a miniseries.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Small main cast, moderate number of minor cast. Few locations.
      Link for additional information.
      Script sample.
        Hap has been a detective for over a decade, a police officer more than twice that. In all that time, he's never dealt with the BDSM subculture, yet that's exactly what he needs to know about for his latest case.

        The nude victim, a Senator's aide - who has Top Secret clearances - is tied to his bed. Strangled, it's obvious he enjoyed his demise. The scene is almost entirely devoid of evidence. Just an imprint of a high-heeled shoe on his chest and three strands of long brunette hair. Hair that's the exact color and length of Mistress Elise, whose contact info is among the victim's possessions.

        Mistress Elise, the Dominatrix with a PhD, provides BDSM services along with erudite conversation. She's coy with Hap, proving her brilliance isn't limited to her occupation and academic research.

        Hap can't figure if Elise is his prime suspect or an exceptionally capable subculture consultant. The more he learns, the less he understands.

        And the bodies keep piling up.

    The Dominatrix Was Blue

      Logline: The dominatrix with a PhD exacts revenge when her childhood BFF is tortured to death.
      Murder Mystery /Detective
      Status: script - 97 pages. May adapt to a miniseries.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Small main cast, moderate number of minor cast. Few locations.
      Link for additional information.
      Script sample.
        Elise, the dominatrix with a PhD, is devastated when her childhood best friend Pensely dies during torture. She knows this happened because of her willingness to testify at a mob trial.

        Hap gets suspended from the force when the District Attorney's case against the mob falls apart. The death of the mob goon who'd turned state's evidence leaves the DA with only a few shreds of evidence - and even that's thrown out. Hap violated too many rules and the evidence was tainted.

        Hap cautions Elise to let the investigation play out, as he's not sure the mob was behind Pensely's death. He remains close enough with his erstwhile partner that he can keep up-to-date on the investigation, despite his suspension.

        Elise ignores Hap and once again challenges the mob boss, this time at his house.

        Hap discovers, after she's left, that Elise doesn't care if she survives the confrontation.

    A Beautiful Dream

      Logline: A simpleton is relentlessly pursued for information locked in his memories.
      Avant garde
      Status: script - 22 pages
      Type: short
      Production elements: Small cast, few locations but substantial CG, compositing and/or greenscreen and requires access to a mansion.
      Link for additional information.
      Script sample.

        Savant Jack once again escapes from his prison, where he's been kept under control with drugs.

        Inside Jack's head are secrets that can transform the world. His pursuers can't let them be revealed, but also can't risk damaging him either, since his magnificent brain is their golden goose.

        The Woman always finds Jack, no matter how hard he tries to hide, and he's quickly returned to his drugged, incarcerated state.

        This time, Jack decides to take his fight directly to his enemy. Barely inside his lair, Jack is surrounded by The Woman's henchmen. There Jack confronts the mastermind behind his incarceration.

    Fuck Retirement

      Logline: A retired contract killer is targeted for assassination by his young peers.
      Adventure /Psychological Thriller
      Status: script - 7 pages
      Type: short
      Production elements: Single cast, single location.
      Script sample.

        For retired contract killer Gator, the greatest game just turned out not to be that great. Sure, hunting humans was a lot more interesting than moose, boar or even bear - they can hunt back - but professionalism ensured his prey never really had a chance.

        Ambivalent about retirement anyway, Gator’s life regains meaning when someone targets him for assassination. Dealing with a string of professional killers will make life a little more interesting. For a while, at least.

        Getting old sucks, but experience counts for something. At what point will youth and enthusiasm counter old age and treachery?

    Lily's Party

      Logline: College age students party at the mysterious house on the edge of town, only to fall one by one.
      Status: script - 37 pages
      Type: short
      Production elements: Ensemble cast, single location, some CG, requires mansion.
      Link for additional information.
      Script sample.

        Lily visits with some of her past college peers to invite them to a party at her parents old mansion. She's been living alone since the horrific deaths of her family and wants to bring happiness to the place.

        The guests arrive in a swirl of drugs and alcohol, though Lily shyly accepts it all. Night has made the mansion creepy, so they start telling ghost stories. Each one with Lily as the terror target.

        Later, they decide to up the ante and explore the house, but with most of the power off and without their phones.

        When two guests gruesomely kill each other in a drug-induced frenzy, Lily calls off the party. Except the land line's been cut, the phones are all missing and now a rabid pack of dogs roams the exterior.

        The dogs have Lily in a catatonic state. Then, one-by-one, the other guests meet grisly untimely ends.

    The Dominatrix Went Dark

      Logline: When debts are called in, the Dominatrix and the Detective must form an alliance with the mob as everyone involved risks their lives and liberty to save the nation.
      Mystery /Detective
      Status: synopsis - 2,500 words. May adapt to a miniseries.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Small main cast, moderate number of minor cast. Few main locations, but the finale has a large number of international locations.
        Hap and Elise have drifted apart, for the same reasons Hap got divorced: his work is always his number one priority. They're forced together, though, when Lucas approaches Hap, and Nunzio approaches Elise, asking for help with the same multinational crime ring.

        Hap is excited to risk their lives again while Elise is adamant against it. After Hap eloquently reminds her this is about helping people on a global scale, she reluctantly agrees.

        Needing additional resources, they bring DB into their investigation, who objects strenuously when he finds out they have to work with Nunzio and the mob. Hap and Elise, though, manage to convince DB to make the sacrifice.

        Their investigations begin to draw too much attention from many sources, leading to Hap and DB's Captain being forced to suspend them due to political pressure. Abandoned on all sides, the trio have to decide if they've gone too far this time. If so, can they even stop?

    The Dominatrix And The Detective

    The Wrong Place (or The Elevator)

    Psychic Warriors

    Hobson's Choice

    Jane of the Jungle

    Player at the _Real_ Game

      Logline: In order to be the best in these corporate sponsored gladiatorial games, the apprentice must kill her master. "Hunger Games" meets the original "Rollerball.
      Status: synopsis - 850 words.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Will require lots of big sets, guns and explosions. Fairly small main cast, but lots of minor cast and extras.
      Link for additional information.
        Maria is studying under the very best. She worked hard to become the winning candidate and works harder still to master what she's learning now. She also wants to be the very best in these corporate sponsored gladiatorial games. To be the very best, though, means she must eliminate her mentor.

        After Maria's mentor has taught her all he knows, she forms a team who all want revenge on him. The most well-known of these is Harold. He and Maria form an uneasy alliance. She feels he takes too many risks, he thinks she's too sympathetic.

        Maria's mentor knows the score and has no intention of being supplanted. As they battle in the arena, allies and enemies fall. Finally, it's just Maria, Harold and her mentor. Who will prevail? Who will prove to be the very best?

    Murder IRL (In Real Life)

      Logline: An avatar approaches a real-life detective when her user is murdered.
      Murder Mystery /Detective
      Status: synopsis - 2,000 words.
      Type: feature
      Production elements: Will require some level of CG, but it might be minor. Ensemble cast, moderate minor cast and extras, few locations.
        Jane is a VA - Virtual Assistant - to Jillian, an investigative reporter. Jillian ‘started life' as a programmer, so Jane has a few enhancements not found anywhere else. Enhancements that give Jane a level of autonomy to continue Jillian's research even when Jillian is unplugged.

        Jillian's latest ‘MacGuffin,' as she likes to call her investigations, is determining who's been ending virtual people and consuming their resources. Something everyone was assured was impossible to do.

        Then Jillian is murdered.

        Jane was connected to Jillian when she met her demise, but doesn't know who pulled the trigger.

        Carl uses VR to relax, his real life is a homicide detective. When Carl is in deep, he's approached by the mysterious Jane, who insists he's the only one who can uncover who killed Jillian. Reluctantly, Carl agrees to tie his real life to his virtual one.

        Carl has to move fast, though, as aspects of Jane's knowledge and personality will vanish when her power runs out.

    Removing the Rose Colored Glasses

    A Solar System Travelogue

    Lesbian Slumber Party - Night of the Succubus

    Cannibal Lesbian Snuff Film - Featuring A Lot Of Gratuitous T&A

    The Conservatory

    Diary of a Contract Killer

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