This is the table of contents for my Substack DoaCK novel/story series, because their POS interface won't let me do anything like this.
See here for introduction.

This is an in-universe timeline order of stories. As I make them available, I'll link each chapter to its page.

Much of the writing in this series is episodic and can, largely, be read in any order. That said, later stories often contain spoilers for earlier ones. If the stories are interrelated, as is true for chunks of the novels proper, I'll highlight their association by numbering them.

Those without links haven't been posted yet.

Links to each novel: Dramatis Personae NOTE: Contains Spoilers!
Life Saver Part 1, where Jim the smuggler officially meets Seacay.

Agatha, where she and Seacay first meet.

Life Saver Part 2, the second time Jim's life is saved by Seacay

Book 1: "Trained Killers, Falling in Love"

One Perfect Evening, where Angelina's mother details the one-night-stand she shared with Seacay.

Book 2: "New Circumstances"

Agency Woman Part 1, Sarah describes her evolving thoughts about Seacay.

Book 3: "Training Manual"

Agency Woman Part 2, Sarah's further adventures regarding Seacay.

Demo Day, Nadine narrates a day-in-the-life of an arms dealer.

Book 4: "Courting a Killer" (NOTE: this hasn't been writen yet)

Debbie's View, where she describes an adventure with Isabel

Twilight: what happens when a contract killer gives up his job?

Appendix: Select character bios.